CBD Massage Oil 100mg


Our CBD massage oil is designed to nourish and enrich the body.

It works great as massage oil, but it can also be used in the shower or bath to give the skin a silky smooth feel. The ingredient provides the ultimate in relief, soothing and relaxation, and providing the perfect health benefits for the body and mind. For massage, apply as needed throughout the massage to provide a silky surface that can be massaged without friction.


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CBD Massage Oil 100mg:

CBD oils can be easily blended into cosmetic products such as body lotions, balms and massage oils. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are great for treating pain and aches caused by conditions such as scoliosis and endometriosis as well as treating skin conditions like eczema. These CBD cosmetics are fast becoming the latest health trend in the beauty industry. We select specific terpenes for each product or lotion to create unique scent profiles which align with the intended use of the product.

Use no more than 20mg per day per massage.

Keep out of reach from children.

CBD content 100mg

Ingredients: CBD isolate, sweet Almond oil 93% Wheat germ oil 5%, Lavender essential oil 2% NCT oil ( coconut oil)

Suitable for vegans

Not tested on animals

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