Sourcing Hemp

Plantinum CBD have spent the last few years exploring hemp growers from around the world. We have set the high standards and guarantee our suppliers grew plants responsibly and did so in contamient free soil.

With relaxing laws to the production of hemp and marijuana in various states of the US, we eventually found producers that met the strict criteria we set down – the Sativia variety of hemp because of the low levels of THC and higher natural levels of CBD.

Sourcing the correct and ethical raw material, is the first step.

Our Farms

Our CBD is sourced from a production facility in the USA heartland that is operating in line with GMP (pharmaceutical standards). The production facility is supplied with plants from a local grower’s collaboration who all share in the positive philosophy of growing high-quality pesticide free hemp. This unique approach means we can trace our CBD right back to the field it was grown in and know where the seeds used came from. This kind of traceability is critical to understanding the quality of the CBD products.

All our growers refrain from using pesticides, this ensures that the soil our hemp plants are grown in is contaminant free. Not only is this good for the final CBD, ensuring no strange additives are present, but it’s also better for the flora and faunas of the surrounding environment. We feel this positive approach to farming more naturally not only produces a great product but also one which is more sustainable for the future and is part of the Plantinum CBD corporate responsibility.

Traceability is the next step and something we proud ourselves on for all our product’s, along side a pesticide free, sustainably farmed and ethical raw product.

CBD Extraction

There are three core methods of CBD extraction commonly used. The two most basic and inefficient methods are called Carrier Oil and Isopropyl Alcohol. Isopropyl extraction is a solvent based method which is one of the least expensive options, it is relatively easy and quick but is regarded as dangerous due to the flammable liquids used. A toxic residue can also be left behind from the solvents. Ultimately, these methods can damage the CBD oil and create a less pure product. The carrier oil method is one of the oldest methods, it is a safe method and cheap to carry out however the output needs very specific storage requirements which don’t work well for many CBD consumers.

However, to avoid producing an inferior product at Plantinum CBD and/or damage to the raw material we utilise a far superior extraction method – Supercritical CO2 Extraction which uses carbon dioxide to get pure plant extract without having to use hazardous chemicals or solvents which potentially could contaminate the end result.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction is the most expensive method of production it’s also the most reliable, it is seen as the best method – working to preserve all the beneficial qualities of CBD. The finest and purest CBD oil is created by stringently sticking to this approach. This means that our clients can guarantee products supplied by Plantinum CBD are of the highest quality.

Not only is this the favoured method of extraction, it is also considered to be a more environmentally friendly and a safer extraction method than other fossil fuel-based methods making it the best method for a sustainable future.

Test and Legal Compliance

CBD is derived from the hemp plant which does (in small quantities) contain THC, a controlled substance. Plantinum CBD manufacturing team have invested in state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure our products meet stringent UK laws. We even work with third-party university laboratories to check our results. This along with our pharmaceutical team adds peace of mind for our clients.

As you can see at Plantinum CBD we truly proud ourselves on producing the very best products for you, and years of research, and development has been invested into the manufacturing produce. As well as ensuring an ethically safe, legally compliant and environmentally friendly product range.

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