10ml 2000mg CBD Oral Drops Citrus


Designed to give you the maximum properties of CBD along with maximum efficiency of modern day drops a perfect partner after your daily workout.

Supplied with a dropper, the user simply squeezes a few drops under their tongue in order to administer the CBD.


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CBD Oral Drops Citrus 10ml:

Apply using the provided dropper, directly under the tongue. The oil is then held there for a short amount of time, generally around 90-120 seconds, then swallowed.

Take 1 or 2 drops daily twice a day do not exceed 20 drops a day

Keep out of reach from children


MCT oil Extract of cannabis, sativa L 2000mg, flavouring citrus

Suitable for vegans

Not tested on animals

Do not exceed more than 30 drops in a 24h period. Do not exceed 200mg per 24hour period. Do not use if the bottle is broken. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist, if you have a medical condition. Usage per person may vary per drop so this is just advisory and not prescribed amount. As a company, Plantinum CBD can only advise on approximations due to usage factors and do not intend this be a prescription medicine. Do not take if breast-feeding or pregnant, unless advised by a doctor. Not intended for use by any persons under the age of 18 years old. Keep out of reach from children. Consume in a 12 month from purchase.

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