How CBD can help with your busy routine

In today’s society, most people lead very busy lives, and have hectic lifestyles and schedules to keep . This can  be draining and exhausting, particularly if you are juggling work, family, social lives and other commitments. We  often need a little helping hand to keep us on track, and one solution to consider is CBD and the introduction of  Plantinum CBD into your daily supplement intake.  

CBD can bring lots of important benefits, to help and support those with busy lives, and the following is a guide to  the key benefits of CBD and how Plantinum can help. 

Helping you to get abetter and longer night’s sleep

One of the key ingredients to a successful and productive day is to get a good night’s sleep. After a good sleep you will feel more alert and ready to take on the day. Have a bad night and you’ll feel drowsy all day and your only wish will be to go back to bed. By increasing and promoting the release of serotonin, CBD is able to help to regulate your sleep pattern and increase sleep quality. Taking CBD in the evening can be great to help you to unwind and take away the stress of the day. This will help to prepare you for a good night’s sleep and get you ready for another busy day.

Boosting energy levels

When you have a hectic lifestyle and schedule, you need to have the right amount of energy to get through the day . Pumping yourself full of sugary energy drinks or supplements is not a good idea and only leads to spikes and decreases in your energy levels. Using CBD in small doses throughout the course of each day can help you to achieve and maintain the energy levels needed to get through the day with ease. This means you can be more productive without ending up feeling completely drained.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Anyone who suffers from stress and anxiety knows that it can affect your ability to get on with day-to-day lives and tasks. Therefore, if you want to be more productive you need to find a suitable way to manage and tackle your stress and anxiety levels. Fortunately, CBD is known for its positive impact when it comes to reducing the symptoms of anxiety. By reducing these symptoms, you will become far more productive and able to handle your busy schedule with far greater ease.

Plantinum CBD are here to help

Plantinum CBD is the perfect ingredient and food supplement to incorporate in an active and busy lifestyle. With all the different applications that exist, (oils, soft gels, sprays, gummies and creams), it is very easy to find and adapt to the best product to help you to deal with any situation that you may encounter during the day.

Here’s a few Plantinum CBD tips

If you don’t have enough time to use your oils and sprays and put them under your tongue, then there are quicker ways to incorporate CBD in your daily routine, even if you’re very busy. Start your day with a CBD coffee, which is not very different from your regular one. You just need to add a few drops of your favourite tincture (preferably a tasteless one) and you get your daily supplement simply and quickly. If you’re on your way to or back from the gym and there’s no time for breakfast, you can also add them to your smoothies and protein shakes.

The Best Way to take Plantinum CBD on-the-go

Gummies and Soft Gels are a very easy way to take CBD on-the-go. You can keep them in your pocket or bag and take with a glass of water or just by chewing them. There’s no need to deal with the fuss of counting how many mg you’re taking, with capsules the hard work has already been done for you, so taking CBD has never been more easy and convenient. If you’re spending a few hours at the gym in the morning or evening, or if you use a high amount of energy throughout the during the day, then one of our cooling balms or creams is the way to go for you, or you could try one of our massage oils to help soothe and relieve aching muscles and joints. These also work great if you have a specific area of the body that you need to target.

We also have 2 great recipes to help!
Plantinum CBD Strawberry Lemonade:

The perfect thirst-quenching drink for those warm summer days. What you will need: 450g strawberries, 11⁄2 litres of water, 200g caster sugar, 240ml lemon juice, CBD oil (your desired amount), ice and mint leaves (optional). In a small saucepan on medium heat, combine the sugar and 240ml of water. Bring to simmer and leave to cool down. Blend the strawberries and 240ml of water, strain the bits out. In a large pitcher, combine the simple syrup, blended strawberries, lemon juice, CBD oil and remaining water. Serve over ice and add mint leaves if desired.

Plantinum CBD Guacamole

A quick and healthy snack to enjoy both indoors, or as a part of your Summer BBQ. What you will need: 3 ripe avocados, 1 large tomato, 1 clove of garlic, 11⁄2 tbsp of fresh lime juice, 1 jalapeño pepper, 1⁄4 cup coriander, 1⁄2 tsp salt and 2 droppers of CBD oil. Mash the avocado in a bowl and add the lime juice, salt and CBD oil. Chop up the pepper and tomato and roughly chop the coriander, add this to the avocado. Crush the garlic and add this to the bowl. Mix together and serve with vegetables or baked crisps.