CBD for athletes

How CBD can help you to maximise your Sport and Training performance?

Sport is truly at the heart of Plantinum CBD as our MD is ex-professional rugby player Stuart Collard. Together with his expert team, we are arguably the UK’s leading specialists in CBD production and manufacture. Combined, they have over 20 years of expertise, knowledge, research and passion in this industry. Plantinum CBD is fully licensed in CBD oil production, and legally regulated by all UK governing bodies, ensuring that we supply a fully legal and safe product range.

Sporting World and CBD

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances for professional athletes, including the international athletics federation. They recognised that CBD has multiple positive effects on the body compared to substances like THC. Research has shown that CBD can aid in pain management and relief; therefore, it is really helpful for sportspeople who participate in particularly strenuous exercise and activities.  CBD doesn’t result in a ‘high’, preventing the potential for misuse and dependence, and can provide a great supplement for sportspeople in everyday life.

Immune System

Some properties of CBD aid in strengthening and supporting the body’s immune system. This helps reduce the risk of you contracting an illness before your next big sporting event and promoting general improvement in health and well-being. Your body will also be more resistant to stress, a benefit not just limited to your sports life but every aspect of your daily life. If you do become injured or sick, another potential benefit of CBD is that it is known to increase recovery speed, meaning you can get back to exercise and sporting activities quicker. Sleep is by far one of the most important benefits of using CBD, as sleep is important not only to aid body recovery and repair and renew body cells, but it is also a good fuel for a healthy mind and your general well-being. CBD properties help our bodies to naturally relax and rest.

CBD to Fuel

There are several different methods of administering CBD to your body to fuel your potential.

• Plantinum CBD sprays, oils and gummies can give you a quick boost to your energy level before or during exercise, which can allow you to push that little bit further and provide a stronger focus.

• Plantinum CBD supplements have a relaxant element, so if administered before bed, they allow for a longer and better night’s sleep, to promote recovery of both body and mind.

• Plantinum CBD Balms, Lotion and massage oils help to relieve aching muscles. By rubbing a balm, lotion or massage oils onto your skin directly after high-level exercise they encourage pain-relief and relief for aching muscles and tissue. You can also add the oils to your bath to help relieve the body and mind.

We recommend allowing your body time to get used to CBD before using it for your next big match or marathon. Starting at a lower dosage and working your way up, whilst monitoring your body’s reactions will allow you to find the right dosage for you. Everyone’s body is different – so call our careline today for advice, support and guidance, on 0330333 5100. Remember that all Plantinum products have Novel Food classification and food supplement classification and are fully regulated.

Welcome the Plantinum Team

Jack Scott (born 29th January 2001) is a British Superbike rider from Harpenden, England.

83 Races

49 Podiums

Championship Winner 2016

3rd Best Rookie 2017

2nd British Motostar 2018

No.1 Rookie in class 2018

2019 Development year on a Moto2 machine

Charles Hall (born 13 November 1979) is a British racing driver from SheffieldEngland.

After beginning racing in karts, he moved to car racing in 1997 at age 18 in BARC Formula Renault and the Formula VauxhallWinter Series.

• 1998 – second in the main championship of Formula Vauxhall

• 1999 – British Formula Three Championship B-class and finished 5th in the Formula Vauxhall Europa.

• 2000- competed in British Formula Renault and finished 6th with one victory at Silverstone Circuit.  

• 2001 -Formula Renault 2000 UK, he moved to the United States mid-year to compete in Toyota Atlantic.

• 2003 – captured the Fran-Am 2000 winter series championship in the United States and drove in assorted other races in Europe.

• 2005 – scheduled to drive in GP2 but was injured in a road crash

• 2006 – returned to racing and appeared in 3 Champ Car Atlantic Series races.

• 2008 he continued racing in America in the Star Mazda Series for Andersen Racing and was slated to make his Indy Lights debut in July at Watkins Glen International driving for the same team but he did not appear on track.

• 2009 – Semi retirement from professional.

• 2018 -2020 – come back and after a thrilling championship showdown at Snetterton in October 2020  Charles Hall duly secured the provisional Class A and overall 2020 RLM Racing Bikesports Championship title, in his Spire GT3.

Charles’ Plantinum Top Recommendations

Whilst Charles uses all of our products daily for focus and concentration, he is a great advocate of the Heat and Cooling Balms to help relieve the pain of a historic injury and surgery.

Elliot Creed – 
(born 19/10/1996 ) is a British Professional Rugby player from Cheltenham, England.

Position; Centre / Wing / Fly Half

Height (m) 1.79

Weight (kg) 86

Current Club; Mosley Rugby Club – Birmingham

Previous clubs; London, Scottish, Doncaster Knights, Gloucester, Hartpury college

Honours; England U18

DMO DEEJAY (Born 11 April 1989, Birmingham, England.
He is an International DJ and social media personality, known for his extensive touring schedule. As an influencer, he has built a fanbase of more than 255k followers on his Instagram account and 363k on subscribers on YouTube. He is also a brand ambassador for Mad Man Mechanics and Leader of the DMO Army.

DMO DEEJAY’s Plantinum Top Recommendations

DMO DEEJAY is a great promoter of the Vegan Gummies and broadcasts weekly to his followers on their benefits, along with how they help with his ADHA, sleep and generally winding down.

Christa Collard– Birmingham, England.

Qualifications – FIDTA, LISTD, RAD TC. MA Dance.  

Secondary Dance QTS

Examiner with IDTA, Professional Dance coach and teacher trainer. 

Owner and Head Principle – Walsall Academy of Dance

Christa’s Plantinum Top Recommendations.

“My body is used to being put through its paces and since I’ve transitioned from dancer to teacher and taken on more coaching, examining the amount of time I get to spend on my own body and keeping it in good condition has sadly dismissed. Along with balancing a life with three beautiful young girls it has left my body a little out of condition (I won’t mention the age issue and what that does to the body!). I was first made aware of the Plantinum hand cream after a recommendation. As well as using it on my hands I’ve been giving my feet some extra TLC and have been using it liberally on an evening on my feet, covering with socks and then allowing it to soak in overnight whilst in bed. Years of neglect as a dancer and a teacher have really been improved since I started using. I am delighted. 

In the New Year I was diagnosed with a bursitis on my right Achilles attachment, it causes daily pain and has had a big impact on my work and even daily activities such as walking up the stairs. The physio recommended some Cooling treatment to ease the pain, so I’m looking forward to trying the Plantinum Cooling balm, I’ll keep you updated!”

Plantinum provides all of our “Plantinum Team members” with safety and confidence for drug testing. All of our products have Novel Food classification and food supplement classification, are fully regulated, and have the approval of several major sporting federations to produce the ultimate product range with no THC. They are not just safe and legal for a professional sportsperson but for the average person too.

So give us a call today on 0330 333 5100 to see how we can help you.

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